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We inspire people to heal themselves 🤘

Welcome to our private community of like-minded, health conscious people looking to better their lives. Inside our network you will find exclusive content, events, programs, workshops and more.

Why are we here?

The problem we are facing...

We live in a world where most people don't understand their body or have the basic tools to help themself. Most don't have access to proper health care or health education. 

Poor nutrition, inadequate education, and stressful living and work environments have caused the body to twist, torque, and break down. The world is changing with social pressure and programming rapidly rising. Mental health, suicide, and disease are at an all-time high. An overwhelming number of people are looking for solutions, seeking specialists from all areas of care to help them adapt to this changing world. As a result, people are lost, frustrated, exhausted, and starting to give up hope of feeling healthy and having fun in their life again.

Unwinding the problem

We believe the body was designed to heal itself and when a person was willing to actively take responsibility in the process, they were successful. This was the missing link to all care. We believe by sharing easily accessible, simple, and practical solutions to problems that arise in people’s lives that people will connect with their body and know exactly how to help themself. 

We see a world where...

the Human Garage Fascial Maneuvers are being used by over a billion people to look, feel and move younger. The Fascial Maneuvers are in every country with people taking care of their own lives, eagerly showing others how they did it. We have a community of LifeStyle Artists who no longer fear living in their bodies and actively expand the boundaries of what the human body can do to enhance the human experience. 

We practice Fascial Maneuvers as a group every Wednesday and Sunday worldwide as a way of bringing all of our collective energy together with the same intention: to better ourselves and the world. This new way of looking at our bodies and our lives sets a new standard for what healthy living really is.

With an asking price of free and a priceless result, millions of people started doing Fascial Maneuvers and the transformation began. All over the world people started asking for guidance as their lives were changing.

As People started doing the maneuvers, the drive for a community of like-minded people rose. The demand became so large that community centres began popping up all over the world. The ideas and principles of Fascial Maneuvers are embedded into all forms of care, arts, and culture, affecting the way people viewed what a healthy body and healthy life really is.

People all over the world are creating their own solutions and sharing them with each other, truly open-sourcing healthcare.


Cynthia, Garry & Jason


Human Garage